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Hey there! I'm Kelcie - Post # 2

Hi there I'm Kelcie! A independent game developer and the founder of Not Unlike Games.

Also being the sole employee I'm also the lead developer, marketing manager and art department. But most importantly I'm in charge of snacks

I've been working on the various aspects of video game development for about four years. But have dived in viciously head first in the last year and a half.

I started by learning Blender for 3D modeling and using the UE engine to build a silly adventure game featuring a cat named Meatwig who befriends Opossums, raccoons, and various other urban animals.

But learning the ins and outs of 3D modelling was a bit overwhelming with not understanding C# while trying to learn the visual part of UE4. Fast forward a few years and dived back in but this time with a simpler and more rudimentary approach to learning. At this point I started making 'Dogeman Adventures' while

learning to code in C# and make games in unity.

making a 2D top down adventure not unlike the SNES days allowed me to focus on developing a better set of coding and design skills.

Dogeman Adventures is still in progress but I put it aside to make

Sharks vs. Lions!

I started developing Sharks vs. Lions in December of 2021. ( I know wild right)

I was burnt out from straight developing Dogeman after 18 Months after several refactors of the UI, game engine, and level design.

So I started by spending 2 days off writing the basic selection, combat, pathfinding, building placement system, and UI managers for a prototype 2D RTS game in my Dogeman project. Using squirrels and witches as characters naturally.

So I started kicking this idea around with folks talking about various ideas and concepts. And then Sharks vs. Lions was born.

The ultimate question of who would win in a fight!?! Am I right?!

I'm writing this post in March of 2022. which doesn't seem like a lot of time for a game to be developed. But I've been diligently working around the clock when I'm not at my actual day job as a cook.

I'm inspired! I love to make games! I would absolutely love to be able to support myself doing this so that I could spend more time making games!!

That being said I've pumped easy 1000 hours into development of this game!

Often waking up at 3 am so I can get 6-7 hours in before work, and doing the same on my days off so that I can get those extra hours in!

Not to mention making Four Letter Words as a side side project hahaha.

I'll wrap this post up for now. But I can't wait to share more as I grow as a game developer and as a person.

Happy Gaming!

~ Kelcie

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