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You're a wizard!

That's right. . . you too can be a wizard now

Today I released the Progress Map Wizard on the Unity Asset Store!

Quickly add a board game style progression map to any game with a few clicks!

I originally started making this because I wanted a way to easily create and skin a progression map for my upcoming mobile game Four Letter Words.

Then I got to thinking that with a few days and a crash course in editor scripting I could make this a fun and interactive wizard that I could share with the world!

Ill be adding an update soon with a few more functions I was hoping to add on initial release but had to skip due to moving complications.

Which stinks!! 'Not Unlike Games' Aka me.. Kelcie is downsizing (Not by choice) the home / office situation to something more mobile and ending in '-lvo' and beginning with 'Vo-'

Ill keep working towards the release of Four Letter words though in April so look forward to that!

I really just need to add the rest of the levels. update with the new camera controller, and situate ad's so that I can make a bit of "not living in my car" revenue.

So look forward to that! I know I am.

Besides that I've been working on a framework of what I need to do to finish Sharks vs. Lions! hopefully ill be able to finish at least a beta for early access by end of summer!

Big things in the future for Not Unlike Games!

But for now.. since i'm ping ponging all over in this blog post well sign off and keep packing before I go to work ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠

Until next time,

Keep gaming and having fun!


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