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Hello ..Progress World!!

Just Kelcie here with Not Unlike Games dropping in on ya! .. 🤣

Its been a super busy week for me as I've not only been wrapping up the new release for Four Letter Words and my new Toolkit called Map Progress Wizard.

But also I'm having to (Not by choice) drastically downsize my home office (I use this term loosely). And therefore I am focusing a lot of time on packing and cleaning up my apartment.

All this being said I find an hour or so to hang out with my friends Kourcha and Sarge and get a little skate on and some swollen ankles ( Above photo taken by Sarge).

For starters let's talk about the huge update to Four Letter Words with the Progress Worlds Update!

I added A game board style progress map to the game with levels and an overall total score counter.

I also integrated Google Play Games Services (GPGS) and that brings a whole lot of cool features!

Like Leaderboards, Achievements, cloud saves, etc.

Hopefully this will add some fun competitiveness to the game in the future as I further implement these into my game.

Another fun project I'm nearly done with is The Progress Map Wizard Toolkit for the unity asset store.

In the process of making the Progress Map for Four Letter Words I also spent a few days taking a crash course in the Unity UI Builder and writing editor scripts!

Although I'm working out a few bugs.. I'm proud to announce the Progress Map Wizard by Not Unlike Games (NuG). That will hopefully be available soon to for purchase.

It's a cool little tool that automates the creation of a progression map! But even cooler sets up a Map Manager and Persistent Data Manager that's ready to go with your mobile game!

The coolest part is the Progress Map Manager automatically handles the character piece movement and path creation out of the box with some custom Spline Tools I made.

And for fun I even made an example game called Toggle Time top show the power of Progress Map Wizard.

And Toggle Time! is sure to provide endless fun for you and your friends. ; )

The last piece of this is that the next few weeks of development will be rough as I'm moving with 0 actual place to move (Portland gentrification am i rite?!)

But when I do secure a place I can afford were moving forward 100%. Until it'll be as the cars say.. a bit touch and go. But I do have a place to set up my desktop and a laptop I can painfully develop on! hahaha

On that note I'm out,


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