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Post #1 . . . Hello World!

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Hey there everyone, I'm Kelcie. I'm the Founder of Not Unlike Games and the creator of Sharks vs. Lions, Four Letter Words, and Dogeman Adventure.

This is my first attempt at a blog of any sorts.

So hopefully *knocks on wood* it can only go uphill from here😂

I'm excited to post that Four Letter Words is on the Play Store in closed alpha.

As long as there aren't any hang ups I'm hoping it will be available to all by April. again I'll knock on wood there but I'm still hopeful.

Another exciting bit of news is that Sharks vs. Lions is in a closed alpha phase for the Multiplayer/Single player modes.

Still writing the structure for the campaign mode. But taking my time to make sure I set myself up with some custom made tools to make level creation and design much easier on myself in the future!

(optimized workflow > instant results) always 100%

I'll cover more on that as it develops. But for now let's talk about my upcoming game Four Letter Words!

Four Letter Words is a simple word game that makes fun a Four Letter Word!

fuun.. ffun .. FUNF!?

The concept is simple.

The game assigns you a Four Letter Word.

You are given an allotted amount of time depending on the difficulty setting.

You then have to create new Four Letter Words by choosing one of the letters in the given word and changing it out with a letter on the keyboard.


There are currently two different game modes in Four Letter Words.

10 Letter and Full Alphabet 26 Letter.

In ten letter mode it's a bit more challenging because the keyboard randomizes every time you make a guess!

If you make a correct guess you'll be awarded a point and have time added to the game timer.

Guess wrong and There will be a noise of disapproval and time will be taken from the game timer! OH NO!

Today I'll be working on adding a scoreboard to Four Letter Words.

And also writing a bit of an autobiography about myself and my experiences learning to develop games so far. As well as my goals as a game developer going forward into the future!

But for now I'm writing this at 3:00 am and better get to work!

There is so much to do!!

Happy gaming!

~ Kelcie

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