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Not Unlike Games has multiple projects in the pipeline.

Some are pre-Alpha, and some are fully released

All of them are cool as heck.

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an action packed On-Rails shooter / Third Person Adventure
by solo developer Kelcie Caldwell aka Not Unlike Games.

Travel the bounds of the galaxy providing hope for many who have since lost theirs.
You'll blast your way through asteroid fields, narrowly slip your ship through the junk canyon,
and save the people of outer space from a slew of denizens!

Star Boy and the Captain of Outer Space features heavy on rails shooter elements modelled after that one on rails shooter we all miss and love.

Star Boy and the Captain of Outer Space also uses a light Third Person Shooter element to take you out of the ship, and immerse you in the worlds you are out there saving!


The Not Unlike Games : On-Rails Shooter Template is the complete solution for your next title! 

Featuring everything from Splash Screen to credits and a powerful set of customized tools to help you create your game with ease and level up your workflow to the max!

Available soon on the Unity Asset Store!


Have you ever wanted to add a Progress Map to your mobile game?

Looking for a quick way to add replay value? Or even monetization through offering skins for your UI?

Then you need to summon the Progress Map Wizard!


He can help you conjure up a Progress Map with all the tools you need in as little as 3 clicks!?

And not only that, but the Progress Map Wizard comes with the game Toggle Time!

Toggle Time could possibly be the best game since Text Field Time. No Joke!

You can purchase and learn more about the Progress Map Wizard from Not Unlike Games available on the Unity Asset Store!

And here at the Not Unlike Games Youtube Channel



Game submission for the

2022 Maine VIdeo Game Dev Game Jam!

Fiddlehead on the Roof is an Atmospheric Nature Based Horror Suspense Game made in the great state of Maine.

A real time strategy game game that answers the ultimate question.

Who would win in a fight?

A Shark?  Or a Lion?

Gather resources, build armies, crush the opposition in this futuristic adventure that will be sure to make you laugh, cry, and then laugh again.


Four letter words is a word game for the android platform.

race the clock and form (nice) four letter words before the timer runs out!

The game that makes fun a four letter word!

Four Letter words

Doge Logo.png

The Dogeman Adventure is a top-down 2d pixel art adventure game.   

It features the Dogeman whose cheeseburger went missing in the night. 

And through a series of unfortunate happenings,

he finds himself on an epic quest to help the citizens

of Dogeland and return his long-lost burger.


A game I made in 10 days for a game jam submission.

The theme of the jam was "beginning in an ending"

 live the life of a Swallowtail Caterpillar,  A Blue Jay,

and a Milkweed plant in this atmospheric game based around the food chain where one thing is always inevitable...

All Things Must Pass

Unfortunately, I decided to submit it at the last second and wasn't able to get my project in on time with a few unforeseen technical errors

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