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Star Boy and The Captain of Outer Space


On-Rails Shooter

Year :

2022 April




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Team :

Kelcie Caldwell - Programming, Development, 3d Art

and all other things.


This is a 3d rail shooter I made

in the likeness of Starfox 64.   

 Play as Star Boy or The Captain of Outer Space as you zoom through canyons, battle in high orbit, and explore the reaches of outer space all while taking on the evils of the Universe!

An early preview of gameplay,

this video features almost all of the systems in play including but not limited to.

On Rails Controller


Dialog System

Teammate wingman system



An early preview of the gameplay.

This video features the Object Pooling system at work with Fracturable Asteroids.

Also, here is a sneak peek at the Mecha Dragon boss I made for this level.


An early preview of a Splash Screen/ Menu system

Features The Captain of Outer Space 

bashin' up on a Lizard Person.


An early preview of the Level design for Racerion.

The 'Corneria' like level from the game.

It once had full enemy tracks a long time ago but I've seen I deleted them for refactoring of the enemy system.  


An early preview of a Cutscene

as well as some third-person controller gameplay.


This video features some buggy third person mode.  This was made in the prototyping phase and will be redone a bit to be a lot better or be mostly cut from the game womp womp 


An early preview of the proposed Third Person Free Flow Combat was made during the prototyping phase of development. 

Probably won't make the final product but showcases my ability to incorporate complicated systems into multiple already existing complicated systems.

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