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On-Rails Shooter Template


Full game Template : On-Rails Shooter

Year :

2022 September




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Team :

Kelcie Caldwell - Programming, Development, 3d Art

and all other things.

Onrails Template Splash.png

This is a full game template for a 3d rail shooter I made in the likeness of Starfox 64.   

 Complete with everything you need from Splash screen to credits,  and jam-packed full of custom tools to take your game development all the way up to 11 . . . The highest setting there is.



An early preview of the super powerful custom tools I made for the Not Unlike Games  : On-Rails Shooter Template!



Here is a preview of the menus from my upcoming release for the  @Unity Asset Store  The Not Unlike Games : On-Rails Shooter Template With these tools made for the template, you can create levels with ease.




A preview of the gameplay demo from the upcoming Not Unlike Games : On-Rails Shooter Template

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