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The World of Sharks Vs. Lions

The game Sharks vs. Lions takes
place in the distant future.
The year is 2032.
Both Sharks and Lions have evolved far
beyond what we know today.
Whether it's at sea or on land.
Sharks vs. Lions will answer the
ultimate question of who would win in a fight?

A Shark.. Or a Lion?!?

Play the Real Time Strategy Game
Sharks Vs. Lions
And find out for yourself!


In Sharks Vs. Lions terrain types are important.

The Sharks are native to Aquatic Terrain types.

But years of evolution and with a lack of human interference. . 

Sharks have found a way to adapt..

Sharks vs. Lions

In Sharks Vs. Lions the Land Terrain Type is the second type of Terrain.

The Lions are native to the Land Terrain.

Despite the common belief that cats are afraid of  the water.

These Lions have evolved long past the superstitions of their ancestors and have taken to the sea to raise arms against The Sharks!

Lions habitat pride rock
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